November 2013


Caryn Franklin AGAIN @Ravensbourne

Posted on 15 November 2013

This morning I had a delightful lecture given by Caryn Franklin about All Walks campaign Mix it Up!. It's not hard to tell that Caryn has experience a lot in the past 35 years, since she first came to fashion industry knowing less about it, than I know now. We as human beings all have dreams and majority of the times it relates with fashion and brands. Fashion industry is selling dreams for us of how it suppose to be and we starting to think "yea, I need this, I'm not good enough. I mean, look at these models and how perfect they always look". Sadly we all at the back of the our heads know that those girls are not real, that this type of 'beauty' doesn't exist. Adverts like D&G did with military man and boneless nude female model don't send any positive messages and makes me think, what the hell the whole team of people involve in it was thinking? 
Because of people like Caryn Franklin we could see changes, not because she all by herself are making it, because of how she delivers message the students and as well industry people to see fashion in different way and don't really think just about people in front of camera but same importantly about people behind it. 
I use this little occasion and have my first photo with famous and inspiring person - one and only - Caryn Franklin. Maybe I don't look like in my prettiest but oh well... 



Fashion Faith Backstage

Posted on 10 November 2013

A week ago I introduced you all to how it feels like to be a fashion promotion student and also mention Juicebox magazine project, where my role is Creative Director. 
I wish I could say "Oh, this role is heaven and didn't cost me any stress". Well, I wish. Actually, all this previous week I wasn't eating much, just like clementine for breakfast, glass of water around lunch time and evening... To be honest I can't really remember if there was anything. Lost weight? Hell yea! But no one should loose weight in this type of way. 
Our Fashion in Faith photo-shoot was this Friday, which included 5 models from four different London agencies, three amazing make-up artist and hairstylist and of course Becky and Nathan - stylist and one and only - Nicole - photographer. For the first time arranging shoot myself I believe input wasn't small all make-up artist, hairstylist and models that I personally found were great! We all had such lovely time spending the day together. Wish there was no tragedies and bad incidents and they really were there... They always will when you deal with so many people and trying to make everything the highest standard possible. Decided to share backstage images from editorial shoot and hope to be able to show you the final outcome soon as well. 


Kristjana Williams for Triumph

Posted on 1 November 2013

A lot of you already know how obsesses I sometimes could get about new illustrators and their work. This time my new crush is Kristjana S Williams. 
Kristjana S Williams creates magical landscapes, filled with impossible, exotic creatures by interweaving fragments of Victorian engravings with contemporary illustration and colouring. Icelandic born and a graduate of Central St Martin’s, Williams’ illustration work spans the worlds of fashion, home-ware and prints and has gained widespread critical acclaim. ​Kristjana’s recent work includes large scale mural displays at the V&A for the London Design Festival, a solo exhibition “Dyragardurin” at Outline Editions’ temporary gallery in Soho, a collaboration with heritage furniture maker George Smith and wallpaper designer Cole & Son, and commissions for the Chanel Group amongst others. She is a regular exhibitor at Outline Editions who showcase and sell her work through exhibitions and as part of their collection at Liberty's on Regent Street. 

The day I found out about her was not long ago and I could thank lingerie company Triumph, where Kristjana collaborate and created adverts for new campaign. We all couldn't agree more that the most successful Triumph campaign was "Hello Boys!" introducing Wonderbra and changing the way women wear lingerie and most importantly the way lingerie made them feel.
Even though I really like the style of Kristjana's illustrations I'm not a fan of this collaboration. It's obvious that Triumph really trying to have the success like it was in 1994 with Wonderbra but looks like customers aren't feeling. What do you think about new collaboration between Kristjana S Williams and Triumph? 
And the final bit if you agree with me that Kristjana's work are stunning you can buy her marvelous illustrations, cushions and scarfs here.

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