February 2013


Posted on 24 February 2013

I know Ieva (the real name of Evie Parazite) since she helped me with my college photography a few years ago. Spontaneous, creative, always having the craziest photography ideas, always making, doing, thinking basically - breathing photography. Because of her talent and passion for photography a few online magazines like Atlas and Bleach reach out with Ieva and gave an opportunity to present her work. According to photographer "Usually magazines give the main theme of upcoming issue and sometimes they create mood-boards for me and my stylists to get inspired." Not only magazine editors and publishers saw Parazite's potential club promoters, small business T-shirt designers and sellers decided to invite this young photographer to promote their work. There are her few latest shots for Opium club, promoting Party Animal T-shirts new collection. 

When I asked her to inform about the story leading Ieva simply said: "It was easier to understand what the standars and requirements are. As well as it helped to make a clearer vision of what kind of story should be." As well about the actual magazine layout and editing of photos Parazite mention: "Magazine's editors do that. Usually they choose specific pictures from my story and put them in order, which fits the whole design of an issue." This is her other collaboration with Bleach online magazine. This time concept and team was only her and the model (her boyfriend), this magazine give full freedom, so Ieva decided to "present wild heart, road trip traveller who just looking for adventures and enjoys the nature and beauty of the sunset". Online version here.

Not all photo-shoot are so spontaneous. The last one, my most favourite, is photo-shoot called: "She writes sins". Outstanding collaboration with designer Inbar Spector, who's work needs another article to express all the amazing-ness! As Ieva said to me this photo-shoot was done only for her showcase. "Since I'm just beginner, I do some contributions for bigger magazines/designers for free, although some of them pay for a story, especially in Lithuanian".  The location idea usually comes to Parazite's mind, "but sometimes other members of creative team come up with good suggestion as well". 
The make-up artist for this photo-shoot explained the idea for creating porcelain doll looking skin with metallic pieces above the eyebrows. "My main inspiration was Inbar work, especially the tights. Overall Inbar Spector is amazing! And the model herself had an amazing eyes, all I had to do just don't ruin them. Basically, I just mixed all metallic looking colours to create futuristic and feminine imagine." Backstage/pre-shoot images: 

Probably, I should just talk less and let your eyes to enjoy these outstanding photos: 

Designer: Inbar Spector
Photorapher: Evie Parazite 
Bleach Magazine: Online
Make-up Artist: Edita Simutyte


Posted on 22 February 2013

I mention before that I did an exciting project which included designing new t-shirts for American brand Abercrombie&Fitch. Here are my mood boards which will illustrate the feeling of the brand, target market, previous campaigns, IVY league style (this is the foundation of the brand and how they represent themselves) rivals of A&F, upcoming trends, which maybe could influence and inspire my new designs work and finally street style from east coast cities like New York, Cambridge, New Jersey. 

Brand Moodboard
Trend Moodboard

Customer/Street Style Moodboard

IVY League Style/Street Style Moodboards

 Rivals Moodboard  

Often, Abercrombie & Fitch does one typography design for the t-shirt and multiplies them in different bright colour variations - green, red, blue, orange, yellow, white, pink and ect. So that's what I did, without changing the simple idea of their already selling t-shits, I just interpreted modern look and played around with the colours which going to be the IT colours according to wgsn.com. The final outcomes should include two Logo (the name of brand), Icon (the brand re-presenter in A&F case - moose) and Heritage (I used the foundation year - 1892). 

Although, I also did a limited edition t-shirt designs, which ones was inspired by Ansel Adams photography of locations, rather than this in my store visit when I interview A&F buyers majority of them was younger than brand target market. Due to this, limited edition t-shirts will be new and exciting clothing in teenagers wish list. Surprisingly, my tumblr page http://nature-city.tumblr.com first time ever helped me out for my project! All of the nature pictures which iI used for designs are out of this page.


Posted on 21 February 2013

First I must apologise for the late update. Last weekend the 17th of February I went to photo-shoot together with a great and passion-able photographer Brazzi. 
At the moment I'm doing project about photographers around London, who works inspires me, who were or still working/collaborating with varies of fashion magazines. It was very interesting to see the whole preparation and the actual photo-shoot. How the set up works, the make up artist model preparation, stylist set up clothes and accessories together, models trying on a lot of variations of stylish looks on until the photographer is fully satisfied with the whole model image. 
Here are some images before the actual photo-shoot: 

 I asked photographer a few questions about the his work specific. One of my most favourite his work, is when he did the photo-shoot for "People" magazine and photographed famous girls music group. I was interested about the concept about it, who came up with the whole idea and who did the layout for magazine and ect. Brazzi explain me, that not even for this one, but mostly for every single one he did the editor-in-chief agree and give freedom for creativity. It includes photo editing and retouching, make=up stylist was chosen or already working for that magazine and always does the make up for models. The stylist itself varies depending on the photo=shoot location and the idea of final outcome, but most of the time the stylist sort out the look for models and prepare everything for the day of photo-shoot. When it comes to editorial and putting layout together the person in magazine who are responsible for this, has all the rights to do it and it becomes quit like "not a photographer business". 

This is his another photography project, the idea was based of Fall feeling, collaborating with designer, who created the top out of red leafs. Brazzi did the test shots of model, to see how it looks on them. Here they are:

It end up not working very well with these two girls, so photographer started again searching for model who hopefully this time will click with the Blooding Fall theme. Must say, this is my favourite his photography so far. Here are the final outcome! 

And the funny and liittle cheeky bit to sum up my VERY LONG post for today issss... During the last photo-shoot, when I was browsing and interviewing photographer I end up standing in from of camera. CRAZY! Anyway, it was fun and exciting to have this experience. 

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