Posted on 22 February 2013

I mention before that I did an exciting project which included designing new t-shirts for American brand Abercrombie&Fitch. Here are my mood boards which will illustrate the feeling of the brand, target market, previous campaigns, IVY league style (this is the foundation of the brand and how they represent themselves) rivals of A&F, upcoming trends, which maybe could influence and inspire my new designs work and finally street style from east coast cities like New York, Cambridge, New Jersey. 

Brand Moodboard
Trend Moodboard

Customer/Street Style Moodboard

IVY League Style/Street Style Moodboards

 Rivals Moodboard  

Often, Abercrombie & Fitch does one typography design for the t-shirt and multiplies them in different bright colour variations - green, red, blue, orange, yellow, white, pink and ect. So that's what I did, without changing the simple idea of their already selling t-shits, I just interpreted modern look and played around with the colours which going to be the IT colours according to wgsn.com. The final outcomes should include two Logo (the name of brand), Icon (the brand re-presenter in A&F case - moose) and Heritage (I used the foundation year - 1892). 

Although, I also did a limited edition t-shirt designs, which ones was inspired by Ansel Adams photography of locations, rather than this in my store visit when I interview A&F buyers majority of them was younger than brand target market. Due to this, limited edition t-shirts will be new and exciting clothing in teenagers wish list. Surprisingly, my tumblr page http://nature-city.tumblr.com first time ever helped me out for my project! All of the nature pictures which iI used for designs are out of this page.


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