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Men's Fashion Week London

Posted on 30 May 2013

Watch out, fashion divas, Men's Fashion Week is just around the corner and this year is going to be bigger and better than ever. London kick starts the menswear calendar with a biannual showcase of British brands and businesses embedded in a cultural programme. London Collections: Men emphasises both the creative and commercial importance of Britain’s brands and emerging talent as well as the rich cultural landscape that contributes to the inspiration and success of this sector. All events on the schedule are designed to showcase the breadth of British fashion talent, from the world’s most innovative emerging talents to global menswear brands and Savile Row tailors. 
I will personally list designers that are my hot topic and I would love to see what they have to offer for stylish gentlemen's. 

18 June 2013
10:00 - 17:00

17 June 2013
16:30 - 18:30

16 June 2013

16 June 2013
16:00 - 18:00

16 June 2013
12:30 - 14:00

17 June 2013

and of course:
17 June 2013

Here are all the details you might want to know about schedule during Men's Fashion Week London 2013.


Blumenfeld @ Somerset House

Posted on 28 May 2013

Erwin Blumenfeld was born in 1897 in Berlin into a Jewish bourgeois family. After his father's death he entered an apprenticeship in the garment industry and then served as a soldier in France in the First World War, In 1918 he left to Holland and married Lena Citroen, opening a leather goods shop in Amsterdam in 1923 whilst also trying to become a painter. During the early twenties he participated in the Dada movement as a self-proclaimed head of the Dutch Dada movement, under the pseudonym of Jan Bloomfield. He began experimenting with photography in the early thirties, taking photographs of customers in his shop and later exhibiting his works at the Van Lier gallery in Amsterdam. When his business went bankrupt, he left for Paris in 1935 where he was introduced to the world of fashion photography and to French Vogue magazine, thanks to Cecil Beaton who admired his photographs. During World War II, Blumenfeld was interned in French war camps but managed to escape to the US with his family in 1941 through Marseilles. In New York where he was offered a contract by Harper’s Bazaar and after three years began freelance work for Vogue US. Within a few years he had become one of the most famous color fashion photographers in the US. He continued to work in fashion and advertising until the early sixties, when he devoted his time to writing his autobiography 'Eye to I He died in Rome in 1969.
Do you want to know who am I talking about? Let his work speak for itself. 

A little bit shocking, a little bit hidden messages, something to reach for and something to look at. 
See his exhibition at beautiful Somerset House from 23rd of May to 1st of September. I know you will say: 'Oh, plenty of time...' just remember this exhibition that will be a criminal to miss.


TEXTBOOK is on his way!

Posted on 25 May 2013

I think you all know that feeling when you meet the deadline and all the hard work you're done comes to one finalised item. This time the item is TEXTBOOK. I know my last sentence probably didn't make any sense to you. Remember when I was keep posting little sneak peaks about my university magazine project? Yesterday it all came to the end - we sent final version of magazine to be printed. Know there are just few little things left in terms of this project, just have hard copy of TEXTBOOK in my hands and do a group presentation if font of tutors Iain Bromley and Rose Percy. Have to admit it I'm really looking forward to it because our magazine Editor-in-Chef Elliot Rose is that person, who simply loves presentations! 
I probably have to thank all of the people who helped out TEXTBOOK become what it's now - original, well branded, funny fashion magazine. So here is the list of main people who helped the most.
Our beautiful models - Shell Murray, Emma Sharratt, Anastasiya Nachas and Daniella Averina. 
Fanatic make-up artist - Annie Mi.
Quick and professional whiter - Natalie Bell. 
Cute and fast leaner of InDesign - Alexandra J Miller. 
Biggest shopacholic of the month - Alice Wilson.
The guy with an iPad - Shawn W Clarke.
Stickest but the best criticiser - Rose Percy.
and of course our greatest editor - Elliot Rose. 

And everyone who supported me and my team during the process of TEXTBOOK
I hope we will win and our magazine will succeed in London like  Pigeons&Peacocks. Can't what to have it in my hands, even saying it makes me emotional... 


Vauxhall Art Car Boot Fair

Posted on 20 May 2013

This year Art Car Boot Fair is celebrating 10th annual anniversary and inviting every single on creative soul! 
Even if don't study or haven't been recently graduated from any creative industry courses, you still will be able to find something what could make you giggle a little, surprise, make a tweet about it or just simply have a nice Sunday outdoors. The fair will be held in Brick Lane Yard Corner and Buxton street 12-6pm on 9th of June, Sunday and entry cost only 5 quid. 
Blake, Turk and Emin are is some of the British artist that could be seen in this great Art Car Boot Fair. 

 Art - this is what you think when you walk around Buxton street in Brick Lane. This time pop art legend Sir Peter Blake will be creating a special print to mark the occasion with all profits going to Just for Kids Law, Kids Company and Help for Heroes equally. The wonderful spirit of the Art Car Boot Fair gets a fresh injection of talent every year and all artists are hand picked to let their hair down and flog their fabulous art from their car boots! You’d be hard pushed to beat it!

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