TEXTBOOK is on his way!

Posted on 25 May 2013

I think you all know that feeling when you meet the deadline and all the hard work you're done comes to one finalised item. This time the item is TEXTBOOK. I know my last sentence probably didn't make any sense to you. Remember when I was keep posting little sneak peaks about my university magazine project? Yesterday it all came to the end - we sent final version of magazine to be printed. Know there are just few little things left in terms of this project, just have hard copy of TEXTBOOK in my hands and do a group presentation if font of tutors Iain Bromley and Rose Percy. Have to admit it I'm really looking forward to it because our magazine Editor-in-Chef Elliot Rose is that person, who simply loves presentations! 
I probably have to thank all of the people who helped out TEXTBOOK become what it's now - original, well branded, funny fashion magazine. So here is the list of main people who helped the most.
Our beautiful models - Shell Murray, Emma Sharratt, Anastasiya Nachas and Daniella Averina. 
Fanatic make-up artist - Annie Mi.
Quick and professional whiter - Natalie Bell. 
Cute and fast leaner of InDesign - Alexandra J Miller. 
Biggest shopacholic of the month - Alice Wilson.
The guy with an iPad - Shawn W Clarke.
Stickest but the best criticiser - Rose Percy.
and of course our greatest editor - Elliot Rose. 

And everyone who supported me and my team during the process of TEXTBOOK
I hope we will win and our magazine will succeed in London like  Pigeons&Peacocks. Can't what to have it in my hands, even saying it makes me emotional... 


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