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Posted on 15 October 2013

Every time I pop out sentence about my promotion studies it follows with question: "Oh, what is that? What do you do?" 
Let me tell you what means to study Fashion Promotion for me and how amazing it actually is. Promoting and most importantly understanding what you're promoting is crucial, you always have to be aware of things that going to happen in future, you basically predicting future of fashion based on consumers and industry people bahavior. This course gave me better understanding about way are you actually want that pair of shoes and not other one, sometimes I think it's becoming more like psychology lessons, not fashion. Every day I can check what is going to be new not next month, season, not even an year - I can check what is about to come in 3 years time from today. What colour is going to be the IT one and how badly sixteen years old fashionistas will fall for it. Promotion studies gives me knowledge of what Zara, Massimo Dutti, Chanel, Saint Laurent, Prada or Mango is going to have as their Autumn/Winter 14/15 collections. Let me show you some examples of research and inspiration points to see how I work. This is your 2015 summer wardrobe ideas, divas:) 

But the most exciting part of all this course is to be able to create your own magazine. Imagine, 2 months intensive work with your colleagues and after that you're actually holding hard piece of YOUR OWN CREATED magazine. I cried a little...
At the moment we all again have exciting project to do. I become Creative Director of magazine main photo-shoot. DIRECTOR... Oh, I want to cry again haft of it happiness tears, other haft - stress. What it means is going to model agencies, writing them and hopping to get high standard models. Same with make-up artist, hair stylist and wardrobe styling professionals. All of this comes together to one big final moment - photo-shoot to Juicebox magazine. 
I have never been happier in my whole life and stressed but is all worth it. Let me tell you something you already know, London is know as diversity city full of everything - high end fashion labels and designers, new generation of creative people from all the best fashion universities in the world, heritage like know other country have and people from all over the world. That why our shoot is going to represent people of London. 

Sometimes I think that people from other Europe countries will think "Why do you even bother to take photos of those weird people?" I'm bother because I believe that right promotion, marketing, understanding of consumer needs is important and people finally should see the beauty everywhere - any shape, any colour, any texture, any pattern, any race, any continent, any individual.
This is what this island gave me - understanding.
And here is the link to our first magazine issue so far.


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