Planet Big Girl

Posted on 4 May 2013

Fuller figure models, actresses, singers or just in general - women are still seeing in society us different and not pretty. Here are some examples for you guys to really star believing that curvy is woman sexy and beautiful. 
Adele is the exceptional artist decisively rejects diets. Instead, she like dressing her curves in black evening gowns, party covered with lace. Characteristic for the typical Adele-style is also the prominent eyelid line and the often nest-like pinned up hair - all this creates a seductive Sixties look. Adele once said 'I don't make music for eyes. I make music for ears.'

Along with Adele goes gorgeous red hair actress Christina Hendricks. Even when off the 'Mad Men' set, she impresses with fiery locks and body-hugging garments. She goes for sophisticated seduction wearing pencil skirts and pussy bow blouses, whereas she accentuates her decollete on glamorous events with deep necklines.

One more great example of being fuller figure and gorgeous is Sara Ramirez. In real life, the American with Mexican roots trades in her scrubs for outfit in sexy red, intense black of shimmering pearl - which look ravishing in combination with her complexion. She accentuates her curves with body-hugging dresses. 'Nobody from the show (Dr. Torres television series) said I was too heavy. Instead they wanted me to dance in my underwear.'

Iconic woman is Brigitte Bardot. She still stands for a contemporary 'Saint Tropez chic', a pointedly casual and seductive maritime look.  Brigitte turner capri pants into an absolute trend and breathed elegance into the simplest of gingham blouses. The icing on the cake is a coquette smile, wild locks and bold eyeliner. Magnifique!


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