My Style Manifesto

Posted on 7 May 2013

I have to be honest. Ladies and gentlemen, I have too many clothes. I have 12 pairs of jeans (not trousers, just jeans) itself. TWELVE! Bloody hell... And they all are wearable. 
I think we all will agree that style is not about having everything that is on trend at that particular moment, style is about knowing what suit you, showing off you on personality through clothing and always looking fresh (not on trend. For me, these to words are completely different). Due to this announcement I've decided to represent you all My Style Manifesto. 
1. I will buy less handbags or at least buy one really good quality and wear it with everything. Just show timeless style.
2. Shoes is my addiction. Again quality instead of quantity.
3. I will NOT scratch and eat my nail polish when I'm sad or angry. 
4. I will use less fragrance. Because not I just spray it all over myself from top to the bottom and waste it.
5. I will dress for myself not for what other want to see.
6. I will use more accessories rather than use stupid shape tops and jackets. (I will give them to charity)
7. If I gonna be in bad mood, I'm just gonna pick up black jeans and top and leave my house instead of crying over my mountain of clothes and screaming "I have nothing to wear!!!"
8. Make-up wise let the eyes or lips to pop out, NOT BOTH. Basically, less make-up.
9. Wear more dress during the summer time.
10. Start ignoring people, who says that you don't have sense of style.

I hope after few years time I could come back to this Manifesto and be proud because I could tick all of these boxes. 


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