Yellow = New Black

Posted on 10 May 2013

I guess title says it all. During Spring/Summer season I get a feeling that all girls trying to push their fashion and style boundaries as further as possible and be ahead compered with other fashionistas. The thing is, Ladies, you all push those boundaries wayyyyyy to far. We all have our  own style feel when it comes to wardrobe but if you want to stay classy and not be boring try yellow. Why? Here are a few reasons:
  • Stores are now full with bright neon yellows to pastel soft shade of yellows. 
  • You will stand out from the crown without looking like signal lights (don't mixed any other bright colours with yellow. Remember, white and yellow are best friends this season)
  • Sophisticated and smart look is guarantied
If you don't want to have clothing in yellow try small details like: phone case, clutch bag, scarf, ring, nail polish or bracelet. Exactly like those two lovely ladies did. 

When the sun is out the last thing you want to remember is willies, umbrella and dark colours. According to trend analysis company WGSN all fashionistas around the globe will wear one bright detail and according to me the best bright detail this season is yellow :) But you all can pick your favourite one and always be fashionable. You how they say: "Shine bright like a diamo... SUN!"

Now go shopping and let the fresh air into your wardrobe! Here are some more inspiring ladies street style ladies with bright details.


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