Hipster Sexism

Posted on 17 May 2013

Hipster sexism, also known as liberal sexism and ironic sexism, is defined by Alissa Quart in NYMag as “the objectification of women but in a manner that uses mockery, quotation marks, and paradox”.Hipster sexism involves the use of irony in a satirical manner to subjugate women. It is a form of self-aware sexism that is deemed acceptable given that perpetrators are conscious of the inherent sexism and objectification of women in whatever action or statement is being carried out by them. It is rooted in the idea that sexism is an outdated and archaic institution in which people do not engage in anymore, thereby making the demonstration of sexism seem satirical and ironic.
The only thing that come to my mind when somebody says hipster and sexism in one sentence is American Apparel advertisement. If you haven't seen it take a look. And bare in mind that I'm using veryyyyy soft core adverts. (Type American Apparel in google search bar and see what I mean by saying that mine photos are soft core).

Personally I just HATE these adverts and don't even want to hear excuses why they are using curtain poses, face expressions and position of camera (mainly above the model, looking down on her). 
Hipster sexism is different from what Quart defines as “Classic Sexism.” A hipster sexist calls you a bitch and tells you to shut up but in a funny way, while a classic sexist tells you your rape was God’s will without a hint of irony. Both are douchebags, but the hipster sexist is a douchebag in enlightened clothing (see also: the nice guy™the hipster racist). Hipster sexism hinges on the assumption that “no one thinks this way anymore” and therefore it’s funny, like making a joke about horses and buggies or something. It allows for sexist comments under the guise of being sooo far above them, and it’s a lot harder to call out than non-ironic, old-fashioned sexism.
Uhhh! I even got angry whiting about it. I don't understand it and never will. DOT!


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