Trickle Down

Posted on 10 April 2013

We all very well know that designers are getting more and more inspired by street style fashion and use that inspiration to create 'unique' garments and afterwards sell it for thousands of pounds. Think, are we know buying our own fashion
Terry Jones currently an Editor-in-Chef of i-D magazine was one of the first who started photograph people on the streets and use those images for his magazines to inspire people. Know we all can simply google street style looks all round  the world, whether is Brazil, Hong Kong, Paris, Moscow or London - everything is there with one click. That why one of my first inspiring post will be street style all around the world. I use this previous seen information without even noticing it. Something putting your own outfit somehow becomes something you already seen before and though to yourself 'Hm... I wish I could wear/have something like that'. Enjoy! 

Remember you don't have to dress like them but influence and good sense of style is always 50% what you have in yourself and a stylish person and 50% what you see other person wearing:) 


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