Posted on 13 April 2013

New term,  new exciting projects! The busiest and biggest one is Rave Magazine designing within the teams of 6-7 people. We all have our own roles from Editor and Art Director to Stylist and News Writer. I receive three very important and thrilling roles - Art Director, part-time photographer and illustrator. 
Due to project I went for magazines research and bough some fashion, street style related ones, which will help us to come up with great ideas and delve deeply into editorial magazine world. I pick up Hunger, POP and TLG. I felt in love with journal Document but 13 quid seem to be too much of it. Maybe next time. 

Not related to my magazine project but I will also purchase some new make-up pieces from Soap&Glory. Lately, I just become obsessed by this brand, everything - shampoo, conditioner, face and body scrubs and eventually make-up are from this lovely and funny company. I just adore the typography on the packaging and the packaging itself. Makes me smile every time I read it. Other purchase was Gilly Hicks underwear. Super comfortable and easy to wash, colours does fade out - these are the main reasons why I always go for this brand when it comes to underwear. Never tried the lotions of Gilly Hicks until this time, after I finish my current Victoria Secret ones (and oh God, I got so many of them. Big thanks for the Christmas sales) I will differently gonna become the ultimate Gilly Hicks chick.   


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