My Sin by Lanvin

Posted on 5 December 2012

During this term in university we had Lanvin project where the main ideas was to understand the market of luxury and couture brands. Lanvin in 1925 launched a scent called "My Sin" (Mon Peche in french), but it discontinued in 1988. So our mission was to relaunch it and represent to mass.
There are my moodboards about market and Lanvin as a brand, so I think you will get the idea what is all about: 

And here are the my research on main competitions and also the model who could be the new face of "My Sin": 

After that comes the most interesting and exciting bit, the actual designing of new advert. I took a pictures of my friend Neida and this is my final adverts for single and double-page spreads also as an another touch point for customer, I created the bag design and advert for London buses (sorry about the last one, a little messy, still learning how to created a flawless look using layers in Photoshop) 


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