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Posted on 14 November 2012

This Monday I had an interesting start of week. Even though it was a rainy day (or you can say typical London weather) me and my friends decided to walk around London most famous boutiques in Mayfair area.
The first stop was Sketch restaurant. Before it become a place, where people eat it was a place where people enjoyed fashion. In mid-20th century it was Christian Dior’s London atelier, within which Dior housed his collections. I must say the restaurant itself is amazing, no wonder why in 2005 Sketch was ranked as the 18th best restaurant in the world by Restaurant Magazine. 

Just few steps forward there are Yamamoto and Miyake boutiques. I especially liked Yamamoto, the quality of his work is extraordinary. His prestigious awards like, the Japanese Medal of Honor, the Ordre national du Mérite, the Royal Designer for Industry and the Master of Design award by Fashion Group International.

In the same street there was boutiques like Eterno, Mochino, Vivienne Westwood (man and woman), Belstaff, Donna Karan, Berluti and Burberry.

Next street we walked through was Savile Row or as I called it "Heaven for British styled gentlemen". This is the home of tailoring, famous throughout the world for it's craftsmanship and skill. It's to tailors that fashion designers come to seek technical knowledge. Imagine, you walk, see amazing shop windows with hand-crafted, extraordinary suit designs and one level down there are talented tailors sewing and adjusting those suits for you. As I say, typical British gent must know and even once walk down this row. The are boutiques like, Henry Poole (the oldest tailor on the row), Norton and Sons, Kilgour (famous photographer Nick Knight shot an ad campaign for), Richard James, Lanvin, Alexander McQuee and many more. 

Oh my God, I love McQueen's work!

Hello hello Old and New Bond Street's. Now I can call these two street "Heaven for Ladies all around the World". And let me tell you just few names, Tiffany & Co., Chanel Fine Jewellery, Cartier, Bvlgari.
Did your heart just skip a beat, ladies?

Cartier Christmas decorations was amazing. We literally stand there for like 10 minutes and just stare. AMAZING! Have a look yourself: 

More or less all these brands trying to stand out from each other. The customer is just amazed by all these bling bling's, while walking down the New Bond Street, it's like trance - once you finished you're starting to wonder "Is that was real?". 

 And the last stop for that day was Bruton Street, which is famous for it's commercial galleries and also fot Hartnell. There also are Stella McCartney, Matthew Williamson, Scream gallery, Ronald Phillips. Not far away there was Balenciaga boutique with amazing changing room. It's like madhouse room, one side of it is coverred with white leather squares and other, from floor to steeling are mirrors. Also I was nicely surprised when I saw the Louboutin's Christmas trees. 

And this is not over yet, it's going to be one more day out in London to see the rest of luxury and couture boutiques. I not here is a lot of thing out there waiting to be seen:) Hehe. Have a nice day and hope this post wasn't to long for you.



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