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Posted on 2 November 2012

Few days ago I had to do a presentation about i-D magazine. If you have never ever heard about it, the first thing what you should see and that probably caught your attention is this. 

Well know faces, right? 
The editor-in-chef Terry Jones says that i-D magazines is all about identity " this is the street, these are the different views, these are different people that dress in different ways and they have different ideas and you have to respect each person and you come to your own ideas." Before this magazine, 27 year-old Jones was hired as the art director of British Vogue.  After five years, however, he felt it had become too stifling. "It was so cushy and I was so young," he recalls. He began realizing his constraints there.

Why winked smiley?
The wink and smile on each front cover – a graphic representation of the magazine’s logo – have become integral to the i-D identity. Over 300 of the world’s fashion elite, the great and the grounded, have given i-D a cheeky wink, from the likes of Madonna, Tom Ford, Chloë Sevigny, Björk, Tilda Swinton, Drew Barrymore, Lil’ Kim, Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss.

The focus of the magazine is presenting fashion which is more in the business world of fashion. i-D presenting a spectrum of fashion which is nothing to do with price, but to do with looks. It even doesn't include prices, they not expecting that someone who doesn’t have £3,000 will rush out and buy that particular outfit, because they will look for a “look” and they’ll go to Top Shop or Jigsaw and buy something they can afford.


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