Greta in my photo-shoot

Posted on 3 November 2012

Today I've  done a photo-shoot for my friend Greta. Is not a secret, she is +size model, so I have a little challenge. The way of thinking what angle is the best for her, so to make her look more like real model. I must say, Greta has a natural instinct how to pose, what side of her looking better in photos than other.

Few tips if you ever going to take photos of +size lady.    

Never take pictures from the bottom. Try to climb on a little chair, hill even thick  cardboard box, trust me this type of angle will change a lot.   

Photoshop is always a good idea (like Paris), so you can make a difference's using it. But again remember to don't over use it. Less is more.   

Style of clothes and layering is also a good point. Talk to stylist, flick magazines for ideas and trends for this type of model. Don't use over bright colours, on the other hand if you really want to use it, you can try in different way for example, hot pink lipstick, neon yellow bracelets or necklaces. 

Sky-high platform shoes is your number one priority!
Here is the most successful shots for this photo-shoot. 

Probably I'm that type of photographer who likes to use Photoshop. Make it all look flawless. And not check before and after. A lot of changes, right?




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