Flower Girl

Posted on 18 November 2012

All of the sudden, out of nowhere I just got an inspiration so I decided to work a little bit on Photoshop. I've chosen photos of myself, which ones was taken by Evie Parazite during the summer time.
Sadly, I haven't download the latest CS6 Photoshop from my university shop so I'm still working on CS5 one. I've never worked in this style - all pink, flowery, soft colours, lots of layers, heart shaped brushes and so on. I must say I actually like it, maybe I should use it this style more ofter. Here are the photos for you to judge: 

I really recommend you all to check out Evie Parazite's Photography. All her photographs and contacts you need are HERE.
Have a nice and relaxing Sunday. Like I do:) 


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